Advice needed…

Okay guys, here’s my dilemma.  Have you ever started a book, and been drawn into it pretty quickly?  I bet most of you can answer that one with a resounding “YES!”  Have you ever had that same interesting book just as quickly lose your interest?

I’m reading The Dovekeepers, by Alice Hoffman.  The book is really interesting!  I love the writing style, the characters are deep, the story  is good; so why is it taking me SO long to get through this novel?  Have you ever experienced this?  If so, what did you do?  Did you keep going, or stop?

The funny thing is, I checked this out from the library and now it’s over due.  I can’t renew it since it’s such a new book.  I feel like I have to   finish it before I return it.  Is returning the book unfinished giving in to defeat?  I’ve told myself that I don’t want to incur any more late fines and if I haven’t finished the book by Monday, I’m returning it.

Am I alone in this?  Has anyone else ever had a book that was good, but that just was so difficult to get through?  I wish I understood why! It’s driving me crazy!  Insight?  Advice?





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