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Secret Daughter turned on me.

Have you ever had a book turn on you?

I just started reading Secret Daughter byShilpi Somaya Gowda.  I found this book from, oddly enough, a food blog that I adore.  It’s the first book I’m reading that the blogger reviewed.  I greatly enjoy her recipes and her stories about yoga, but I think I’m learning that we really do not have the same taste at all in books, (especially since she liked Jodi Picoult.)

By the second line of this book, the main thing that is running through my head is: “Present tense?  Really?”  Undaunted, but wary, I continue on and find myself getting interested in the story.  So far it is following the story of two women.  One is a woman in India, who has a baby girl and gives the child up for adoption.  The other main focus is the infertile woman who adopts the baby.

The first part of the novel is, I’ll admit, rather interesting.  But as I’m getting into the second section this novel is starting to get annoying.  I just cannot stand the adopted mother, Somer.  All through the first part, she complains about how she wanted more than anything to be a doctor but now that she is a doctor she just want a baby.  At the end of part one, she adopts Asha.  Now in the second part of the novel, Asha is six, and all Somer does is complain that motherhood does not come naturally to her, and she’s fallen behind her med school peers.

Seriously?  Good God lady can you be thankful about anything that you have?  I don’t understand how she doesn’t commit suicide since she seems to be regretting something or other constantly.  I’m a doctor, I want a baby.  I have a baby, I want to be a doctor.  It is super annoying.  I don’t think that I can keep reading a book where the main character is so impossible to relate to.

I understand that as humans, sometimes we want what  we used to have, but Somer just takes it to another level.  At this point, I’m not sure if I want to keep reading and see if she finally realizes what she has and learns to appreciate it, or if she stays a whiny ungrateful bitch throughout the whole thing.

Suggestions?  Have you ever had a book turn on you?  You’re liking the book and then suddenly you realize the plot is ludicrous, or the characters are ridiculous, or some other crazy flaw that you just can’t get past?  Did you stick it out and finish the novel?  Did it get better or worse the more you read?

I’ll let you know how things turn out.  😀



UPDATE: Wow, I actually did enjoy this novel. I’m excited to say that Somer did not remain a whiny bitch and I’m glad that I kept reading. Not my favorite book ever but Gowda did a good job of showing that family is about choices and commitment more than blood.


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